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Press Quotes:

  • 'They are simultaneously the future of hip hop and a tribute to its roots. After finally seeing some of the best showmanship in town, I was only sad that it ended' - Gemmi Galactic,
  • 'Their music is not protest music, it is uplift music and coming out of an incredibly difficult year for race relations in America, they are unflinchingly, defiantly positive.' - Deborah Senguptah Stith, Austin American Statesman

  • 'Perhaps the most significant performance of those exclusive to Weekend Two came from hip-hop husband and wife duo, Riders Against the Storm.' - David Brendan Hall,
  • '...Austin-based RAS is on track to graduate from a local act to a national one.' - Abigail Cain, Brown Alumni Magazine
  • 'Riders Against the Storm believes in magic...It’s the kind of magic that with the right amount of commitment, heart and belief just might have the power to change the world.' - Deborah Senguptah Stith, Austin American Statesman

  • 'The hip hop duo want nothing more than to get exhausted Austin partygoers up and on the dance floor one more time, regardless of the time of day or location.' - Nick Hanover,
  • 'Their shows feel like some kind of post-milennial second-coming of George Clinton's mothership.' - Deborah Senguptah Stith, Austin American Statesman
  • 'RAS rocks the room with superior hip hop and soul.' - Laurie Gallardo, KUTX FM
  • 'Get ready to fall in love.' - Omar Gallaga, Austin American-Statesman
  • 'Austin Music Awards Band of the Year, Riders Against the Storm only know how to write one type of song–the unapologetically epic anthem kind. RAS creativity winning streak isn’t at it’s apex, it’s just getting started.' - Donny Rodriguez,
  • 'As eclectic as they are entertaining, the husband and wife duo bring the heat in a way that makes even the most stubborn white boy in the corner want to move.'
  • 'The hip-hop/dance group is on track to becoming the city’s next big breakout act after being named Band of the Year at the Austin Music Awards in March. As the first hip-hop group to win the title in the awards’ 32-year history, RAS is connecting with fans through well-crafted funky tracks that mix a range of influences from Marvin Gaye to Nirvana...' Sarah Thurmond, Austin Monthly
  • 'RAS authentically represents opposing principles. They are completely accessible and welcoming, yet there is a mysterious air around them. They could accurately be described as eccentric, yet they are charmingly “round the way” in their conversation and demeanor. They smack of something fresh and new, and at the same time familiar and “old school.” Their electric and vibrant appearance is undeniable, yet calming. Rebellious and status quo. Struggling and victorious.' Lisa Grant Davis,
  • 'Sounds like: Arrested Development at a potluck at Sahara Lounge; Erykah Badu making summertime cookout joints after she took a shot of B-12 and some pep pills; De La Soul camped out and performing at Utopiafest; Kanye minus the ego and the angst; or a Monie Love and classic Outkast collabo.' - Chris Apollo Lynn, Republic of Austin
  • 'RAS are great ambassadors. They are a husband-and-wife duo, whose music is spiritual and positive. They are talented, their music is catchy, and they are wonderful people.' Carter Delloro,
  • 'The first hip hop group to win the Austin Chronicle’s Band of the Year, Riders Against the Storm, is a husband and wife hip-hop duo based in Austin. With performances bordering mystical, the couple brings new sound and a change of pace to Austin.' - Amanda Garcia, Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau (ACVB)
  • '[E]qual parts exorcism and call to action brilliantly cloaked in dance floor banging beats and catchy hooks.' - Deborah Sengupta Stith, Austin American Statesman
  • 'Riders Against the Storm's self-titled EP...packs a five-track punch that speaks to party people and political pundits alike.' - Chase Hoffberger, Austin Chronicle
  • 'On their latest EP, the group...brought an overall musical dynamic to the table that transcended the boundaries of hip-hop.' - Neil Ferguson, The Horn
  • ‘If hip hop really did start in the heart, then Chaka (Jonathan Mahone) and Tiger Lily (Ghislaine Jean-Mahone) are making sure it stays there.’ - Latoya Stirrup,
  • ‘One of the bands on my “must see” list is Riders Against the Storm (RAS). Austin locals, the gorgeous husband and wife duo counter culture by becoming culture. Their rhymes are pure poetry...’- April Kaplowitz, Covert Curiosity
  • ‘[R]idiculously talented, and smart...Combining wit with cultural knowledge and a toe dipped in politics, they spit, fire...’ - Frank Rockwell, Listen Before You Buy
  • ‘[B]rimming with positive vibrations...’- Thomas Fawcett, Austin Chronicle

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